About Grandview

Grandview is located atop Signal Mountain/Waldens Ridge some 16 miles to the north of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It enjoys a woodland setting that has matured for over 70 years while owned by the Patten Family, blessed with mountain streams and rolling ridges.

The stewards of Grandview have emphasized maintaining the natural beauty and serenity within a neighborhood setting. All lots are at least 5 acres in size and are restricted for residential use only with a principal residence plus a guest house, horse barn, or other workshop facility. The Covenants and Restrictions provide a minimum square footage for the primary residence and a maximum square footage for the outbuilding.

All lots are serviced by underground electricity, cable, telephone and water.

The development has an active Homeowners Association. An Architectural Review Committee must approve any clearing, fencing or home construction in advance. Thoughtful restrictions and covenants further support the community and tranquility of the area.

Grandview has everything that I was looking for in a community: peace and quiet, scenic beauty, and seclusion while still being convenient to urban areas.

- John