Grandview Properties

Phase I opened in 1996 and included 45 high-quality lots serviced by paved roads and underground utilities. Only one 20-plus acre view lot remains available in Phase I.

The success of Phase I has been naturally followed by Phase II, initially involving 25 lots opened in 2001. Of these 25 lots, only one remains available. The stream frontage, together with the topography of this lot leaves the Developer mystified as to why Lot 9 has not sold. With the opening of Phase II, the Developer granted access easement for residents of Grandview to more than one-half mile of Old Anderson Pike, a toll road that pre-dates the Civil War. This easement is open for hiking and horseback riding.

Phase II was expanded in 2005, when an additional 29 lots were added. Two of these lots remain available, one with streamfront and the other that rises gently from the road frontage. In 2010, the Developer further expanded Phase II by 21 lots, 18 of which are currently being marketed. Of these 18 lots, 12 remain available, 9 of which have stream frontage on either Hickman Branch, Parson Branch, or Frederick Creek. See Available Properties.

Phase I is generally bounded on the east by Standifer Creek, on the west by land controlled by Resource Land Holdings and on the north by Brimer Creek. Phase II is bounded on the south by Brimer Creek, on the east by a TVA powerline, and then by the coursing of Hickman Branch. Phase II is bounded on the north by the confluence of Parson Branch and Frederick Creek and on the west by land owned by Timber Resource Management. The lands currently owned by Resource Land Holdings and Timber Resource Management were previously owned by Hiwassee Land Company (a subsidiary of Bowater Corp.). As a result, the natural boundaries provided by streams and the ownership by substantial successor owners to Hiwassee Land Company, Grandview is well situated to ensure the stability and integrity of the development - with 5 acre minimum lot sizes and thoughtfully developed Covenants and Restrictions. The coursing of Alder Branch, Brimer Creek, Frederick Creek, and Hickman Branch beside and through the Grandview Development add great attraction to the property.

Within Phase II, there are three types of property available: streamfront, mountain view, and level. Lot sizes vary from 5 to 13 acres with the price per acre ranging from $9,000 to $17,000.

Throughout the development, the special beauty of the Grandview property combined with the stewardship of the land begun by Z. Cartter Patten more than 70 years ago, as well as the quality of the development, will make Grandview fully deserving of its characterization of “Mountain Serenity”, not for decades, but for generations to come.

Grandview is a wonderful community. You get to experience all four seasons (the fall colors are absolutely breath-taking). The building lots are very big and secluded while still being convenient to surrounding urban and suburban areas.

- Mike